Metelka 60%vol Absinthe Verdoyante 0,5 L

Metelka 60%vol Absinthe Verdoyante 0,5 L


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  • Absinthe Verdoyante stands for tradition and tested quality, bottled in the Czech Republic
  • Bitterish, green spirit tasting of aniseed and fennel with extract of wormwood
  • Traditional Bohemian absinthe recipes have always meant that less anise is used
  • Bottled at 60% ABV with 10mg of thujone


Absinth, 60%vol

Metelka Absinthe Verdoyante is a greenish spirit with a sweet, very delicate bittersweet flavour of anise, fennel and wormwood. The aroma is herbal, predominantly with the aroma of anise. The added herbal distillate made from the holy trinity of herbs combines to refine the overall enjoyment when consumed. After adding cold water the spirit becomes rather milky. This is called “louche effect” and is characteristic for absinthe with a higher degree of anise extract used in distillation. Thujone content is up to 10 mg per 1 kg of product.

Content of thujone: up to 10 mg per 1 kg of product.

Absinth is a traditional herbal bitter spirit containing thujone. French names of Metelka Absinthe remind you that the likely area of origin of this mysterious spirit is France. Metelkas family recipe originated in the 1930’s and is composed of herbal macerate (for each type is used a different ratio and composition of herbs) and herbal distillate from the holy trinity of herbs, wormwood, anise and fennel (one of the recognized methods of production of Absinthe in the EU) . This production method is traditional for all Metelka Absinthe and historically meets the sensory requirements of the Czech consumer. It is sought by customers from all over the world because of its originality


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